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it been a long time since i rocked and rolled..

but i'm baaack. i guess...

today after school, ace picked me up and he got us micD's.
i got a happy meal cause i wanted a toy.. i like toys, okay, shut up.
yeah then we watched Spaceballs and played twister and took a napppp..

we chilled with my grand'rents cause they're cool like that. and not once did my mom call. which freaked me out..kinda.

i still have to get on the ball and get those damn senior pictures.
but i don't want to because it reminds me of growing up. and responsibility. and i'm still mentally on my summer vacation.

aw, poop, sorry andre, i forgot to get your movie from ace's....i'll get it to ya though, no worries my friend.

all is fair in love and happy meals.
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