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Make it fit!

Had a Ladies' weekend with Juliet. We went out Friday and found us a whole mess of cute clothes. I know, I know..Retail Therapy. But I haven't bought, tried on -or worn anything NEW in 6 months or more. I was beginning to feel ..blech. BUT NOW! Now- I feel good. Stayed up all gatdamned night making a music video. We were sober besides the sleep deprivation. Missing Tyler, but glad he's livin' it up. Helped Juliet clean her garage all day Saturday. Karma bit Ellen in the butt and then fired her. Something is off about that girl. Went over to Ryan's and watched Behind the Mask. Movie about serial killers. I loved it, it was funny and quite interesting. As we were leaving, Ryan said: "Sleep well," ..My friends are so trivial sometimes but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Someone asked me if I was still with Tyler last night. Then said he was "tool-ish". Juliet and I figured that he was just bitter because I'm not going to dump my boyfriend just to bone him instead. HAHAHAHA I laugh in your face! Tyler may be a fo-ol but he ain't no to-ol. The only other guy with Tyler's hotness caliber- not to mention COOLNESS- is Rupert Grint. Redhead? Czech. Virgo? Czech. My kinda man right there. Especially when they have a soft spot for Coca Cola, punk music, Chucks and brunettes. *swoon* Come back, baby. Make the creepies flee.

Troubles come and go, but we are still alive- gliding through the wide open universe in The Heart of Gold. Me, and him. And everyone we know.
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