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I love you more than I love cats.

So, Tyler really WAS a tool and something really WAS wrong with Ellen.

But, I digest..
I am responsible for a whole host of adult things like..rent and car insurance and a cellphone. I wear gel sole inserts in my shoes. I don't do drugs anymore and I only smoke a cigarette when I have no outlet for my intense bottled up emotions (not as often as you'd think! I should quit, I know, shut up.) I met Ryan, couldn't help but fall in love. Seems like I talk about that a lot on this journal but he's taught me what it is to raise love from a small, helpless, afraid creature into a warm and loyal feeling that the doctors find traces of in your blood (not funny) and collects in your veins. Sometimes I feel like he doesn't believe me. There's a small hesitation I've picked up on. Maybe it will eventually pass. (gas, ha!) (ugh.) Well, he's allergic to cats. Sigh. I'd complain about free doughnut day. Seriously, he's perfect. I love him more than.... well, cats.


Boy, I hope he likes having me around because I plan on putting everything I have into this...

I go on walks hoping a stray will come up to me having noticed the puppy-shaped hole in my heart! Puppieeeessss! OH-OH! My grandma AND my mom got married this year! AND my cousin is getting married in October! Fucking. Gah.

Oh, hey. I like your outfit.

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