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who knows..i think YOU NOSE!

B- "I can see you being pregnant,"

C- .."WHAT?"

B- "I mean, being pregnant and not freaking out, like I would. You know, staying in school and stuff, taking it well.."

C- "Yeah, I'd be the token pregnant chick. Like: 'That's Christine, she's pregnant hahahaha!' "

B- "Me too, but then I'd go cry and kill myself.."

C&B- "Ha ha ha ha"

B- "I don't mean that you're a slut and 'why aren't you pregnant yet' I just mean, that you'd take it like you take all of your other problems."

C- "Oh, like it doesn't bother me?"

B- "Yeah, something like that."

So, tyler  Ace rented Kung Pow for me and we're gunna watch it over here..you know, my grandpa's house. i had to stay here this weekend because he's in bad health and i had to drive him to do his errands and protect him from the bad guys. my mom saw us at walmart and said: "oh you DROVE?"  she doesn't like me driving. it makes her think that she's losing control over me. she is, but i like to make her feel better by letting her "be in control" sometimes.  whatever. it's skatin' time.

catch ya'll jive turkeys on the flip side.
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