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shit, goddamn, get off your ass and jam!

car battery died this morning, reminding me that i'm a doo-doo head.  
saw George Clinton & P-Fink again last night 
it was great but do you really have to ask?

ace was actually dancing at a concert which is rare, and surprised me with a funkadelic shirt! (as he put it "i'd buy anything that you wanted if i had the money.") aww, what a honey.

my horoscope said this whould happen but i don't need all that, just lovin' and support. 

and whats with these girls? 
if it's not one it's another, well the last girl is bitter about not getting my man and told her friend that i am the one that's been calling and harrassing her (not me by the way) and that  i hate every girl that talks to tyler, and there's a new one that just..GIVES him money under the premise that she has too much and gives it  all to her friends. i may leave my lights on all night and wake up with a dead battery but i'm not an idiot. last night she kept calling ( apparently she warned ace that she'd be getting blast-faced tonight and that when she does she calls everyone, whoopie ding-dong.) or rather, her drunk friend called for her and did what drunk girls do for their drunk friends that are too shy..they try to prod the boy into saying that he likes her drunken (and ugly) friend.

needless to say, ace is completly unaware that this is going on, and i like it that way. 
although i did explain it to him last night. he joked and stuff..i think he's bummed because he just wants a friend that can just be a friend and not try to hook up with him. i could see it in his face.

does "i have a girlfriend, and i'm happy" just drive the female teen horomones wild? 
or is it his charm and good looks?

lucky me.
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