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Tyler and I are going to Texas. Cool! a week off from work is just what I need, and who better to spend it with..?

Oh and last night, we were playing pool and Tyler gets these withheld calls and they hang up. I suggest Katie The Girl That Never Grew Up and is Still Obsessed With Tyler. Whatever, nice evening by the way. So today called him, he says Withheld called again  and he heard a "stupid giggle" (which I imagine to be a 'Harrr harrr' similar to Goofy) and said that it was her. Cool. 
Bored at work. Wishing I had my own house.
and a cupcake.
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Tex-asssss. Hahaha, lucky, a road trip to Texas sounds amazing! I wonder if you ever got that text I sent you a while back about Girl Who Never Grew Up giving me the stink eye at Uncommon Grounds. One day I asked her if she still hung out with you and Tyler, and she said promptly "Oh, I haven't hung out with Tyler in a while, but I NEVER, EVER hang out with Christine!" I just kinda laughed because I know what's up. Anyway, have fun in Texas, get some boots or something while you're there.
Hint: She "NEVER, EVER" chills with either of us. her dad just died. you'd think she'd be with family instead of pestering us and prank-calling tyler. but, i plan to stock up on turquoise jewlery and leather goods. oohhhh heaven!! but uh, let me know about this new boy wonder i've read of. i want to see pictures, he should be wine-ing and dine-ing you! paris is made of love, after all! bon appetite!