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went to a party last night

it was really fun. tyler took me home quite early.
i didn't want to go home.

then he went back.
i was under the impression that he was going home.

he spent the night at the roommate's house.
gave her a ride to work in the morning.

he also gave her a ride to and from work yesterday.

i asked him about it.

does he hide this shit from me because he's too lazy to tell me? or is it because he thinks i'll take it the wrong way?
he said it was his business whether he told me about it or not.
is it really none of my business?
why would he get defensive if it was nothing?
i can't tell what he's thinking right now.
if..somehow, this is all just friendly gestures in harsh flourescent lighting or ...

i'm so tired of mulling this around in my head and heart.

i want to say that she's a parasite. she treats her body like a theme park. somewhere in there is someone that used to be my friend. didn't try to seduce my boyfriend. didnt ask him for rides all of the god damned time. and had other friends and other things to do.


 to other virgos: is it none of my business? are your friendly gestures often mistaken for more that that?

whatever. i'm not like this out loud. all neurotic and shit. i guess its all up to me whether i choose to ..ignore is the wrong word here...trust him and not question his intentions. i wish i had an instruction manual. then i'd know what to do.

i just didn't want to leave that party.
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